Computers have always been our companions in translating design ideas into digital models and, subsequently, into built assets.

Computational and Generative Design tools help designers and creatives explore and actualise ideas that do not readily come to mind - the next level of design.

This live training will introduce you to Computational and Generative Design, featuring several tools such as Dynamo, Grasshopper, Revit and FormIt. If you are a creative/designer that wishes to take your design skills to the next level, this training is for you.

What You Will Learn

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Perform basic Visual Programming in Dynamo

  • Extend your Dynamo skills with Custom Nodes and Packages

  • Automate your Design Workflow and Documentation with Dynamo Player

  • Create conceptual forms in Revit and FormIt

  • Extend your conceptual design skills in Revit and FormIt using Dynamo

  • Automate your Design Workflow and Documentation with custom Revit plugins

  • Carry out Generative Design in Revit

  • Create conceptual forms Rhino3D

  • Perform basic Visual Programming in Rhino3D using Grasshopper

  • Create Grids and Colour Gradients in Grasshopper

Training Outline

    1. Exercise Files

    1. Day 1: Introduction to Dynamo

    2. Day 2: Dynamo - Essentials Nodes and Concepts

    3. Day 3: Dynamo - Custom Nodes and Packages

    4. Day 4: Dynamo for FormIt and Revit Massing

    5. Day 5: Dynamo Player and Design Automation in Revit

    1. Day 6: Introduction to Generative Design

    2. Day 7: Deep Dive into Generative Design

    3. Day 8: Basics of Generative Design for Revit and Dynamo

    1. Day 9: Introduction to Grasshopper

    2. Day 10: Basic Operations in Grasshopper

    3. Day 11: Logic of Attraction in Grasshopper

    4. Day 12: Grids and Colour Gradients in Grasshopper

    1. More Resources

About this course

  • $349.90

Additional Benefits

  • Exercise Files and Downloads

    The training comes with sample models for practice.

  • Community Engagement

    Every lesson is an avenue for conversation with other students. You learn in a community environment - with other students and instructors.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon completing the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion as proof of knowledge and skills gained.


Early bird access to the live training ends on 1st May 2023

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After the live training, you will have perpetual access to the videos and other course materials from your student dashboard

The training starts on 2nd June 2023

Some of The Instructors

Design Technologist Christopher Ibegbulem

Christopher is committed to supporting projects using BIM methodologies and implementing Digital Technology and Workflow across disciplines in the built industry. Special Interests: Design and Engineering Digital Design & Engineering Technology BIM - Building Information Modeling Computational Design/Parametric Modeling BIM Workflows VR, AR, MR in Architecture. Digital Construction

BIM Specialist Onyema Udeze

Onyema Udeze is an Architect by profession. He is a BIM Specialist with over ten years of experience in Autodesk Revit. He is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit Architecture, Mechanical, and Electrical disciplines. He is an Autodesk Certified Instructor. He is an Instructor at LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Blazemy. He is also an author, a writer, and a coach. He is the co-founder of Blaze Academy.

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