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Introducing The BIM Masters 2.0 - The all-in-one, live BIM [Modeling] Training for every professional in the construction industry

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) skills are today's most sought-after skills in the construction industry, especially in developed economies. But BIM is so broad that it can seem overwhelming just thinking of where exactly to start.

Digital Transformation is at the heart of every sector today, and the construction industry is not left out. It is essential to acquire sufficient BIM skills to avoid being left behind tomorrow.

  • Are you a young professional who wants to improve your BIM Modeling skills so you can further your career prospects?

  • Would you like to become a BIM specialist and grow into a BIM Manager?

  • However, you feel like you lack the necessary experience in Building Information Modeling.

  • You feel like you do not have the needed certifications to boost my CV.

  • If you answered yes, this is the best place to start today.

This live training will equip you with the skillsets to become a BIM/Revit Master.

  • Become a BIM Expert

  • Enhance your BIM Modeling skills

  • Become an Autodesk Certified Professional

  • Stay up-to-date with technological trends in the construction industry

  • Land your dream job in the US, UK, or Canada

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The Modules

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The Overall Training Calendar

The time is in West African Time Zone (GMT+1)

Color Legend
Module 1 Module 2 Module 3

Friday Saturday Sunday
Revit Information Management Package
October 7th, noon: Module G1 Detailing Tools in Revit October 8th, noon: Module G1 Tags and Keynotes in Revit October 9th, noon: Module G3 Inter-disciplinary Coordination Tools in Revit

October 7th, 4 pm: Module G3 Collaboration Tools in Revit

October 8th, 4 pm: Module G2 Parameter Types in Revit October 9th, 4 pm: Module G2 Family Concepts and Techniques in Revit
October 14th, noon: Module G1 Documentation In Revit October 15th, noon: Module G1 Phasing, Groups, and Design Options in Revit October 16th, noon: Module G3 Autodesk Build and PlanGrid Build App

October 14th, 4 pm: Module G3 ISO 19650 and Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

October 15th, 4 pm: Module G2 Quantification and Scheduling in Revit - Architecture October 16th, 4 pm: Module G2 Quantification and Scheduling in Revit - Engineering

Revit Architecture Package
October 21st, noon: Module A1 Introduction to BIM and the Revit User Interface October 22nd, noon: Module A1 Start a New Project, Datum Elements, Site Design in Revit October 23rd, noon: Module A3 Photorealistic Visualisation in Revit

October 21st, 4 pm: Module A3 Analytic/Real-time Visualisation in Revit

October 22nd, 4 pm: Module A2 Conceptual Design and Revit Massing Studies October 23rd, 4 pm: Module A2 Designing and Modeling Complex Curtain Walls in Revit
October 28th, noon: Module A1 Drawing and Modifying Walls, Doors, and Windows in Revit October 29th, noon: Module A1 Drawing and Modifying Floors, Roofs and Reflected Ceiling Plans in Revit October 30th, noon: Module A3 Exterior Rendering Using 3Ds Max

October 28th, 4 pm: Module A3 Interior Rendering Using 3Ds Max

October 29th, 4 pm: Module A2 Designing and Modeling Complex Stairs and Railings in Revit October 30th, 4 pm: Module A2 Computational and Generative Design in Revit

Revit Structures Package
November 4th, noon: Module S1 Modeling Structural Columns and Walls in Revit November 5th, noon: Module S1 Modeling Structural Beams and Slabs in Revit November 6th, noon: Module S3 Analyses and Design of Structures in Revit

November 4th, 4 pm: Module S3 Load Definition and Application, Generating Combinations in Revit.

November 5th, 4 pm: Module S2 Modeling Composite Structural Columns and Beams in Revit November 6th, 4 pm: Module S2 Modeling Composite Structural Slabs and Frames in Revit
November 11th, noon: Module S1 Modeling Staircases and Ramps in Revit November 12th, noon: Module S1 Modeling Foundations in Revit November 13th, noon: Module S3 Steel Connections in Revit

November 11th, 4 pm: Module S3 Rebar in Beams, Columns, and Footings in Revit

November 12th, 4 pm: Module S2 Modeling Structural Bracings in Revit November 13th, 4 pm: Module S2 Modeling Roof and Trusses in Revit

Revit Electrical Package
November 18th, noon: Module E1 Hosting Options for Lighting Fixtures and Devices in Revit November 19th, noon: Module E1 Efficient Lighting Design in Revit November 20th, noon: Module E3 Creating Circuits and Wiring for Devices and Fixtures in Revit

November 18th, 4 pm: Module E3 Establishing Electrical Settings in Revit

November 19th, 4 pm: Module E2 Modeling Methods for Power and Systems Devices in Revit November 20th, 4 pm: Module E2 Creating Power Distribution Systems in Revit
November 25th, noon: Module E1 Lighting Analysis and Schedules in Revit November 26th, noon: Module E1 Site Lighting and Rendering in Revit November 27th, noon: Module E3 Using Schedules for Sharing Circuit Information in Revit

November 25th, 4 pm: Module E3 Managing Circuits and Panels in Revit

November 26th, 4 pm: Module E2 ELV and Fire Alarm Systems Design in Revit November 27th, 4 pm: Module E2 Modeling Conduits and Cable Trays in Revit

Revit Mechanical Package
December 2nd, noon: Module M1 Modeling Zones and Spaces for Building Load Analysis in Revit December 3rd, noon: Module M1 Performing Heating and Cooling Load Analysis in Revit December 4th, noon: Module M3 Mechanical Pipe Systems in Revit

December 2nd, 4 pm: Module M3 Pipe Settings, Pipe Types, and Pipe Fittings in Revit

December 3rd, 4 pm: Module M2 The Concept of Logical Systems and Mechanical Connectors in Revit December 4th, 4 pm: Module M2 Placement of Air Distribution Components and Mechanical Equipment in Revit
December 9th, noon: Module M1 Performing Conceptual Energy Analysis in Revit December 10th, noon: Module M1 Analysing Duct and Pipe System Pressure in Revit December 11th, noon: Module M3 Firefighting Systems in Revit

December 9th, 4 pm: Module M3 Domestic Pipe Systems in Revit

December 10th, 4 pm: Module M2 Duct Types and Duct Routing Options in Revit December 11th, 4 pm: Module M2 Duct Sizing in Revit

BIM For Quantification & Cost Estimation
December 16th, noon: Module Q1 Cost Estimation and Quantity Take-off Using PlanSwift December 17th, noon: Module Q1 Cost Estimation and Quantity Take-off Using Autodesk Take-off
December 16th, 4 pm: Module Q1 Cost Estimation and Quantification Using Navisworks Manage December 17th, 4 pm: Module Q1 Cost Estimation and Quantification Using Autodesk Revit

After the live coaching, you will have a perpetual access to the videos and other course materials from your student dashboard

How the Live Training Works

  1. Make a payment and gain access to your student dashboard right away.

  2. On the training days, log in to your account, click on 'Join Class' for that module, and You will be connected to zoom. You don’t need to have zoom installed. The recommended browser is Google Chrome. Please do not use Safari.

Meet The Instructors

BIM Specialist Onyema Udeze

Onyema Udeze is an Architect by profession. He is a BIM Specialist with over ten years of experience in Autodesk Revit. He is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit Architecture, Mechanical, and Electrical disciplines. He is an Autodesk Certified Instructor. He is an Instructor at LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Blazemy. He is also an author, a writer, and a coach. He is the co-founder of Blaze Academy.

Design Technologist Christopher Ibegbulem

Christopher is committed to supporting projects using BIM methodologies and implementing Digital Technology and Workflow across disciplines in the built industry. Special Interests: Design and Engineering Digital Design & Engineering Technology BIM - Building Information Modeling Computational Design/Parametric Modeling BIM Workflows VR, AR, MR in Architecture. Digital Construction

Civil/Structural Engineer Kehinde Adeyemi

Kehinde is a practising civil and structural engineer interested in smart buildings, cities and infrastructure for sustainable living. With over a decade of design and field experience, he has successfully pioneered, participated and provided support for projects in residential, commercial, industrial and urban scopes, focusing on value engineering and BIM deployment toward shaping better African built environments. As a digital transformation proponent and BIM advocate, he researches and has facilitated well over 6500 hours of workshops and training for professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Operations (AECO) industry on Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and critical project delivery concepts for excellence in practice. He garnered in-depth practice experiences in leading organisations such as Eshrow Associates and ARUP Nigeria. He founded KadeyPRIME Group Limited, the Professionals Leadership and Advancement Platform (ProLeAP) - a premium platform for advancing AEC industry professionals. He has notably established corporate partnerships within and beyond Africa, with a promise to achieve even more for global to local shared opportunities. Beyond Engineering, Kehinde has interests in IT and continues to explore technology in the knowledge fields of blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Big data for the good of humanity. He is a certified Project Manager (PMP) and an Autodesk Certified Instructor. Kehinde is active in several professional societies within and outside Nigeria, including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). Kehinde is also committed to digital disruption and sustainability of the built industry and Africa-wide BIM advocacy through BIM Africa Initiative, where he currently serves as a Board Director and committee lead.

BIM Specialist Victoria Ikede

Victoria is a UK and EU Trained BIM Specialist, Revit API Developer and Certified Revit Architecture Professional.

Architect/Lecturer Peter Odoh

Arc. Odoh Peter Ejike is a registered Architect with ARCON. He is a seasoned Architect, a free thinker, and the current Managing Director of Opemzy BIM Consultancy Services Limited. He is the founder and proprietor of OpemzyBIM, where he works with the team to birth modern architectural ideas and projects. He is a Lecturer at the Department of Architecture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he tutors and mentors students for the future of the design industry. He is passionate about adopting modern work tools and methods in the design and construction industry. He is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit Architecture

Mechanical BIM Specialist Adedayo Adebimpe

Adedayo is an astute, highly dedicated Mechanical Engineer. He focuses on human capital development as he believes the wealth of a nation is inherent in its people. He has worked on several projects as a Project Engineer and Design Engineer. They range from commercial buildings to residential towers. He is a strong advocate of Building Information Modelling( BIM) and has worked as a BIM Mechanical Consultant for a facility management company, MEP contracting company and MEP consulting company. Also, he has trained many engineers on developing an efficient BIM Model for effective coordination, Schedules and quantities and engineering analysis using Revit as a software tool. He currently works as an MEP Consultant for a Real Estate firm.

Electrical BIM Specialist Akintunde Oluwafunminire

Nire is a practising Electrical Design Engineer passionate about digital transformation. He has applied the knowledge of BIM ( Building Information Modeling) on some remarkable projects across Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Architect and 3D Visualiser Modele Dawodu

Arc Modele Dawodu has over 10 years experience in the use of 3Ds Max and Vray, having been certified by Vray training centre - Craftphiles studios, Ibadan. Modele has a reputation for quality and have been pushing the capabilities of 3D Rendering through her love of Art and Technology. Through her user-friendly online courses, Modele has given a blueprint for Architects at all levels to create, grow and cultivate their 3D skills. Everyone has a flair for creativity; these courses present the opportunities to spark yours. Modele has a passion for teaching, and most beginners love her courses due to the simplicity and user-friendly presentations. She is available to attend to her students through the interaction fora. Modele has a Facebook page 'Learn 3d max and Revit' with over 3000 students:

Quantity Surveyor/ Project Manager Chijioke Iwuagwu

A Chartered Quantity Surveyor and Member of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, with over ten years of construction procurement experience in the Nigerian clime. Pragmatic Cost Estimator and Contract Administrator, with practice and coaching experience in applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) for construction project deliverables. Specialities: Knowledge of the following; - Project Accounting - CCS Candy Estimating software - Cost Engineering - Scheduling and Planning; using Microsoft Project - Cost Analyses and Estimating - Contract Management - Use of GPS devices in project mapping - Excellent in the use of Autodesk packages like AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, Revit Architecture, and Naviswork

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