They say the world is a global village. However, if you are a creative or business owner in a developing economy trying to take your brand global, you will be met with so many challenges.

  • How do you access global audiences and customers easily from anywhere?

  • How do you transact online easily - making and receiving payments across the globe?

  • How do you position your brand to attract global customers and even investors?

  • What tools do you need to start and run your business profitably in today’s digital economy?

The internet is a global marketplace. Billions of users spend time on it daily seeking information and entertainment, shopping and transacting every second of the day. How do you attract your target customers on the internet?

At the heart of it all is quality content. Every brand wants to be visible on social media and search engines. Every brand wants to connect deeply with its potential and existing customers. This could be through written, audio, or visual digital media.

But it is not enough to create content in today’s competitive world, as people are more distracted than ever.

  • You need a functioning content strategy, sales and email funnels.

  • You need to master organic marketing and the distribution of your content to reach your customers - and at their points of need.

  • You need to master paid marketing to reach even more potential customers.

  • In essence, you need to understand the internet value chain in the digital economy; social media marketing, email and sales funnels.

All these are packed in this 3-week live coaching designed to help you onboard your brand to the global stage.

Day 1: Fundamentals of Global Branding - Own Your Brand

  • 7 keys elements to boost brand perception

  • Become a global entrepreneur

  • How to start and run an online business

  • Set up your brand’s learning management system

  • Digital entrepreneurship in Africa

Day 2: Engines of Content Marketing - Why Content is Essential for Your Brand

  • Get your brand story straight

  • Forms of content: written, audio, video

  • How to ideate and create quality content consistently

  • Content distribution basics

Day 3: Organic Marketing Strategies

  • Digital marketing essentials (modern marketing)

  • The internet value chain and the digital economy

  • Social media marketing strategies

  • Setting up your sales funnel (practical demonstration)

  • Setting up an email funnel (practical demonstration)

Day 4: Paid Marketing Channels

  • Set up Facebook Ads for different Ad Objectives (practical demonstration)

  • Set up Google Ads for different Google Ad Networks (practical demonstration)

Day 5: Global Brand Positioning - Bypass Every Online Limitation

  • Benefits of US incorporation

  • International remittances

  • The tax-free digital nomad

  • The fundable startup - lay the right foundation

  • Global HR and employment laws (overview)

Day 6: All About Automation and Tools for Your Brand

  • Small business startup kit

  • Industry 4.0 and global businesses

  • Some Tools: Tax and Accounting, Valuation, Fundraising, Immigration, HR and Payroll, Online Payments.

Who Should Join This Live Coaching?

This live coaching is for Business/Startup Founders, Brand Managers, Sales and Marketing Officers, Content Creators, Affiliate Marketers, Coaches and Consultants, Freelancers and anyone who wants to onboard their brand to the global stage.

At the end of this live coaching, you will own your future as a creative or business owner by bypassing all limitations facing businesses in developing economies.

Instant access to two books addressing the topics - written by the instructor

  • Book 1

    Book 1 will show you how to create, distribute, and monetise your content from anywhere to everywhere.

  • Book 2

    Book 2 will show you how how to register your company in the US from the comfort of your homebook

How the Live Coaching Works

  1. Make a payment and gain access to your student dashboard right away.

  2. You will see the two ebooks sitting on your shelf already. It is advisable to go through the books ahead of the live training.

  3. On the training days, log in to your account, click on 'Join Class' for that module, and You will be connected to zoom. You don’t need to have zoom installed. You can join from either mobile or desktop. The recommended browser is Google Chrome. Please do not use Safari.

After the live coaching, you will have a perpetual access to the videos and other course materials from your student dashboard


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Training Days

Saturdays and Sundays: 4 pm to 7 pm, WAT - three weekends starting from May 21st, 2022.

Meet The Coach

Author/Coach Onyema Udeze

Onyema Udeze is a young entrepreneur and digital creator passionate about helping African brands and creatives become profitable in the online economy. An Architect by profession, he is the co-founder of Blaze Media. He is an Instructor at LinkedIn Learning. He consults for brands to establish and monetise their online presence. He has written three books to date available on several global ebook stores. He also writes and talks extensively about the digital transformation of the building construction industry. He sits on the board of the non-profit organisation, Building Information Modeling Africa Initiative. He is currently based in Nigeria.

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