Essentials of Smart Building Technology: The Future Smart Homes

- by Onyema Udeze

The term 'Smart Home' generates a lot of buzz in recent times. Most of the times, the idea resonates around ad-hoc solutions that convert your home into a digital gadget. Google, Apple, Amazon, etc. has lots of solutions that make homes more fun and entertaining in recent times. However, just a few people have given Home Technology a very holistic thought. An iPhone is a unified product, marrying hardware and software - same as (recent) automobiles. But when it comes to homes, there is a party that is just concerned with the Building Structure/Delivery; and yet another party concerned with Building Technology. This brings about a divide and ends up keeping homes from being unified solutions that they should be. This book challenges that status quo. It began by exploring the concepts of Smart Homes. The Fundamentals, the Technology Foundations, the Structural Components, the Technological Components. The first part ended by offering some very Unique Innovations that are only possible with the Technology Foundations of Smart Building Technology. Such innovations as the use of Direct Electricity (Solar), Operating Systems, Unified Cabling, etc. The second part of the book tells a (holistic) story of the 'Smart Home Delivery Company'. Imagine Apple for Smartphones or Mercedez for Automobiles. This started with the Planning Process; then to the Design Coordination; and then to the wider Value Chain; to the Prefabrication Process. It ended with the Management of the Smart Home Facility. The role of such transformational processes as Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a central theme of the second part of this book. The last part proffers solutions that are possible with Smart Building Technology. Again this is from a very holistic viewpoint. It summarizes the book in a very interactive way - taking the reader through the journey of purchasing a Unified Smart Home, in a similar way you purchase an iPhone. A very important takeaway from this book is that Smart Homes should holistically merge a Building Structure with the Building Technology - right from the design stage of the home. This concept can easily be extended to other types of buildings - Commercial, Entertainment, etc. We believe that by reading this book, you will gain a renewed sense of refreshment about the future of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector.
Essentials of Smart Building Technology: The Future Smart Homes - by Onyema Udeze

About The Author

Author/Coach Onyema Udeze

Onyema Udeze is a young entrepreneur and digital creator passionate about helping African brands and creatives become profitable in the online economy. An Architect by profession, he is the co-founder of Blaze Media. He is an Instructor at LinkedIn Learning. He consults for brands to establish and monetise their online presence. He has written three books to date available on several global ebook stores. He also writes and talks extensively about the digital transformation of the building construction industry. He sits on the board of the non-profit organisation, Building Information Modeling Africa Initiative. He is currently based in Nigeria.

What People are Saying about the Book

  • - Hermann Kamte, Architect, CEO & Founder, Hermann Kamte & Associates

    Onyema is an amazing person. I remember our first meeting in Abuja where he shared with me his passion for sustainability around the world and in Africa. He has quickly become a leader in advocacy to BIM in Africa and I think he plays a major a role in this topic. I recommend this book that presents an original and an innovative approach to BIM and Digital Construction

  • - Dolapo Amole (Prof.), Architect/Lecturer, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife

    Onyema has opened a new discourse by introducing readers in a readable manner to the basics of SMART BUILDINGS. It is a very useful resource material for this generation of Architects and Builders. It is also a bold endeavour and a great feat. I have followed Onyema's monthly write-ups on Smart Buildings and I must confess that they have been very educative...

  • - Hassan Anifiwose, Architect/Co-founder, Chronos Studeos

    I am ultimately interested in all of Blaze's offerings. I am an avid reader of their publications because of the top quality insights they give on Smart Building Technology and BIM. I highly recommend to anyone interested in these subjects.

  • - Moses Itanola, QS/Director, BIM Africa.

    The insights and knowledge shared in this book projects the extensive interaction that Onyema has with emerging technologies and innovations for achieving Sustainable Infrastructure Development. The monthly digests authored mostly by him through Blaze Inc. always unveil new thoughts and ideas on Home Automation and Construction Digitization. This book promises an in-depth unravelling for readers with interest in these knowledge areas.

  • - Edes Ikhuoria, Assistant Project Manager and Architectural Designer at Nedu Engineering Services

    The is an insightful ensemble of Solution-driven Practices in Smart Technologies for the building industry. It is a step in the right direction and a panacea for the stale practices present in our built environment.

  • - Lot Kaduma, Director, BIM Africa/ Eras Scholar, BIM A+

    The emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other breakthrough technologies are currently disrupting the way we live, work and play - previously believed to be the stuff of science fiction. This book is an honest representation of the author's insight into the technological advancements ushering in the home of the future... and the Future is now!

  • - Hafiz Oyediran Graduate Teaching Assistant/ PhD student, University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA/ Director, BIM Africa.

    The book is a must-read for every person passionate about the use of Technology in Construction. It gives a detailed insight into Digitization in Construction.

  • - Francis Sani O., Investor at Magic.Fund

    Onyema is a creative mind extraordinaire! I was privileged to meet him at the beginning of this journey and his growth in such a short time has been beyond comprehension. He is dedicated to bringing the very best of BIM to African companies and I have no doubt that he would achieve his grand goal of changing the way construction is done in Nigeria. This short book - a physical representation of his blood, sweat, commitment and passion that he gave to this cause in 2018 - is the very first of many masterpieces to come.

  • - Tobi Awojobi, CEO, CLOUFRICA International

    This is not just an Essential Guide. It is a fastidiously-researched and profusely illustrated book for Smart Building Systems. A must-read for contractors and professionals venturing into this revolutionary technique in building construction.