A practical Guide to Creating Comprehensive BEP

A strategic activity to ensure the successful implementation of BIM on projects is BIM Execution Planning. This activity doesn't have to be so tedious. This course has simplified that process, through an illustrative, easy-to-follow sequence.
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BIM Execution Plan

In Four Easy Steps

What You Will Learn

  • Outline of a BEP Document

    There are 14 major sections in a comprehensive BIM Execution Plan

  • BEP Template Docs

    BIM Use Selection Worksheet. BIM Use Process Maps. Information Exchange Worksheets...

  • BIM Management

    BIM Execution Plan is an accountability document with which to track information exchanges over a project life cycle.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • 1.1 - Introduction

    • 1.2 - Introduction - Presentation

    • 2.1 - The Requisite BIM Team

    • 2.2 - The Requisite BIM Team - Presentation

    • 3.1 - Set the Project Goals and BIM Uses

    • 3.2 - Set the Project Goals and BIM Uses - Demonstration

    • 3.3 - Set the Project Goals and BIM Uses - Presentation

    • 4.1 - Map the BIM Process

    • 4.2 - Map the BIM Process - Demonstration

    • 4.3 - Map the BIM Process - Presentation

    • 5.1 - Define the Information Exchanges

    • 5.2 - Define the Information Exchanges - Demonstration

    • 5.3 - Define the Information Exchanges - Presentation

    • 6.1 - Define the Support Infrastructure

    • 6.2 - Define the Support Infrastructure - Presentation

    • 7.1 - The BIM Execution Plan - Overview

    • 7.2 - The BIM Execution Plan - Sample

    • 7.3 - The BIM Execution Plan - Presentation

    • 8.1 - Course Extracts

    • 9.1 - Test your Learning

  3. 3
    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Additional Benefits

What comes with the course?

  • The course comes with a certificate at the end

  • It comes with a quiz to test your knowledge

  • It comes with a pdf version of the lessons for deeper learning

Meet The Instructor

Co-founder/BIM Architect

Onyema Udeze

Onyema Udeze is the host of The Blaze Podcast. He is the co-founder of Blaze Inc., a fast-rising startup, based in Nigeria that is tackling the inefficiencies in the built sector through numerous channels; such as services, and interactive content. He is also a Founding Director of ‘BIM Africa Initiative’, a pan-African, membership-based, non-profit organisation charged with BIM Awareness and Implementations across Africa. He is the author of the book Essentials of Smart Building Technology, which is currently available on all the popular e-book stores. He is an Instructor at Linkedin Learning. He is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical. By profession, he is an Architect. But he has a vast interest in Technology Solutions in the built sector, especially those with relevant applications across Africa.

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