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We aim to make learning easy by connecting students and trainers from every industry and every region.

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Some Of Our Products

  • Cohort Training

  • Bespoke Training

  • On-Demand Courses

Cohort Training [BIM]

Once or twice every year, we assemble the best brains in the construction industry to deliver training to built sector professionals on the state-of-the-art.

Bespoke Training

We also offer customised training to individuals and companies - one-on-one training, company training, and consulting services - just tell us what you want.

On-Demand Courses

We keep updating our library with advanced courses across different sectors.


United States

I am ultimately interested in all of Blaze's offerings. I am an avid reader of their publications because of the top quality insights they give on Smart Building Technology and BIM. I highly recommend to anyone interested in these subjects.