As a creative or brand in a developing country, you can bypass all the payment limitations online and sell your products and services to global customers.

The world is a global village now and living in a developing country does not have to limit who you can sell your products and services to. With the digital economy, you can set up your business so that you can manage it on the go, irrespective of where you travel to across the globe. You can travel anywhere you want and run your business from there without any form of payment limitations. With a global brand, you can enrol for accelerator programs and even raise venture capital when the time is right.

If you are creative in a developing country, you must have realised that you cannot get paid on so many platforms; such as,,, to name a few. The reason is that they all need you to have a Stripe account.

As a brand, have you ever tried to use some online platforms to reach global customers, only to find out that you cannot use the platform because you need to have a PayPal or Stripe account? Suddenly, it dawns on you that the internet is not fair on developing countries. Well, there is a way around that. You can get a Stripe and PayPal account for your brand from the comfort of your home. But you need to incorporate a US business entity - also from the comfort of your home. That is exactly what this book is all about.

The book is broken down into four parts:

  • The first part paints a clear picture of why you need to own your brand in today's world. It will help you decide on the type of business entity to incorporate in the US - a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a C-Corporation (C-Corp). It will also help you decide on which state to incorporate your business - Delaware or Wyoming.

  • The second part will take you through the step-by-step process of incorporation and post-incorporation, using a tailor-made solution that makes it all fast and easy.

  • The third part will cover other things you need to make the best of your US business entity. Such crucial issues as Taxation, Valuation, raising Venture Capital, tapping into the US Labour Force, Migrating to the US, etc. For all these, there are suggestions of tools that will simplify things and keep the entire process lean and agile.

  • An extra chapter will expose you to over 140 tools that will help you run your business on a global scale - tools spanning Marketing, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Customer Service, Tax, Legal Advisory, Team Collaboration, etc.

After reading the book, you will realise that the US is more friendly towards foreign-owned business entities than indigenous businesses. That is because you do not have to pay any Federal Income Tax as a foreign business owner. It costs just a nominal amount to register and manage your US business entity right from the comfort of your home.

These are some of the benefits of owning a US business:

  1. Payment gateway providers: Access to the best payment providers (such as Stripe and PayPal).
  2. Taxes: Access to tax benefits available to foreign-owned companies in the USA.
  3. Customers in the US: Building trust with global customers by doing business as a US-incorporated company.
  4. Contracts: Signing contracts with US-based clients. Many American companies prefer to transact with other American companies.
  5. Venture Capital: It is unusual for American investors to invest early-stage capital into companies from other countries without a US presence.
  6. Accelerators: Most US accelerators require startups to have a US parent company.
  7. Immigration: Starting a business in the US makes it easier to obtain a visa or permanent residency later.
  8. US Bank Account: With a US-incorporated company, you can easily keep your money in a US FDIC-insured bank account.
  9. Special Services: Incorporating in the US will give you access to specific platforms or services; such as Amazon.
  10. Simplified Bureaucracy: As you will see in the book, business incorporation in the US is one of the easiest in the world.
  11. US-based Talent: With a US-incorporated business, you can easily access the US talent pool.
  12. US Physical Office: With a US-incorporated business, you can easily open a physical location/office in the US when the need arises.

I registered my company in the US back in 2020. The reason I can sell this book in dollars on my platform is that I have Stripe and PayPal accounts as you will see on the payment page. That is what it means to own your brand.


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  • What if I do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)?

    You do not need any of these things to incorporate a business in the US. The book will expose a system that takes care of all the incorporation and post-incorporation activities.

  • What if I do not have a US address?

    You do not need a US address to incorporate a business in the US. After the incorporation, you will have both a US business and mailing addresses for your business.

  • What if I have never been to the US, or I am not currently in the US, or I do not know anyone in the US?

    You do not need to step outside of your country or know anyone in the US to register a business in the US. There is already a system in place to help foreign founders enter the US market from their home countries. The book will take you through all the steps.

  • What if I do not have a US Visa?

    You do not need to have a US Visa to register a company in the US. However, owning a US business entity makes it easier to get one and even migrate to the US permanently if you want to.

  • What if I do not have a big team for my business yet?

    To register an LLC in the US, you do not need more than one person.

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It is only wise to own your brand in today’s digital economy and run it from any part of the world. You do not need any constraints when it comes to running your business. Onboard your brand to the global stage today.

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