Smart Building Technology Told in a Story

How best to tell the story of Smart Buildings than through the most familiar of building typologies? We all cherish our home experience. But how do we make our homes an integral part of our Jetson Lifestyle?
Smart Home
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Smart Homes

A Holistic Approach

What You Will Learn

  • The Smart Home

    The first part of this course explored the possibilities with Smart Buildings. Diverse innovations were uncovered, leveraging the Foundational Framework of Smart Building Technology. Stories that reshaped history were told...

  • The Smart Delivery

    Beyond the possibilities with Smart Building Technology, it takes a collaborative and innovative delivery vehicle - that is the focus of the second part of the course. Lots of digital transformation and trends were explored in an interactive manner.

  • The Smart Innovations

    The third part of the course put the first two parts into application. It started by exploring the peculiarities of Smart Home delivery in African Cities. It ended by offering a business perspective to Smart Home delivery.

Course curriculum

    1. About the Author

    2. Preface

    3. Before we begin...

    1. A - Part 1 Overview

    1. 1.0 Abstract

    2. 1.1 Introduction

    3. 1.2 What is a Smart Home?

    4. 1.3 Basic Components of a Smart Home

    5. 1.4 Present Day Smart Homes

    6. 1.5 Innovations to Smart Homes

    7. 1.6 The Delivery of Smart Homes

    8. 1.7 Smart Home Solutions

    9. 1.8 The Future Smart Homes

    10. Chapter 1 Lessons

    11. Chapter 1 Quiz

    1. 2.0 Abstract

    2. 2.1 Introduction

    3. 2.2 The OSI Reference Model

    4. 2.3 The Physical Layer

    5. 2.4 The Communication Protocols

    6. 2.5 The Database

    7. 2.6 Smart Building Design

    8. 2.7 Smart Building Delivery

    9. 2.8 Smart Building Management

    10. Chapter 2 Lessons

    11. Chapter 2 Quiz

    1. 3.0 Abstract

    2. 3.1 Introduction

    3. 3.2 The Substructure

    4. 3.3 The Vertical Elements

    5. 3.4 The Horizontal Elements

    6. 3.5 The Openings

    7. 3.6 The Transport Components

    8. 3.7 The Utility Spaces

    9. 3.8 The Aesthetic Expression

    10. Chapter 3 Lessons

    11. Chapter 3 Quiz

    1. 4.0 Abstract

    2. 4.1 Introduction

    3. 4.2 Energy/Comfort Systems

    4. 4.3 Entertainment Systems

    5. 4.4 Security Systems

    6. 4.5 Communication Systems

    7. 4.6 Management/Utility Systems

    8. 4.7 Lifestyle Systems

    9. 4.8 The Control

    10. Chapter 4 Lessons

    11. Chapter 4 Quiz

About this course

  • $99.99
  • 142 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Meet The Instructor

Author/Coach Onyema Udeze

Onyema Udeze is a young entrepreneur and digital creator passionate about helping African brands and creatives become profitable in the online economy. An Architect by profession, he is the co-founder of Blaze Media. He is an Instructor at LinkedIn Learning. He consults for brands to establish and monetise their online presence. He has written three books to date available on several global ebook stores. He also writes and talks extensively about the digital transformation of the building construction industry. He sits on the board of the non-profit organisation, Building Information Modeling Africa Initiative. He is currently based in Nigeria.

Additional Benefits

What comes with the course?

  • The course comes with a certificate from BIM Africa at the end

  • Each chapter comes with a quiz to test your knowledge

  • Each chapter comes with a pdf version of the lessons for deeper learning

What people are saying

Hassan Anifowose

Architect/Co-founder, Chronos Studeos

I am ultimately interested in all of Blaze's offerings. I am an avid reader of their publications because of the top quality insights they give on Smart Building Technology and BIM. I highly recommend to anyone interested in these subjects.

Dolapo Amole (Prof.)

Architect/Lecturer, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife.

Onyema has opened a new discourse by introducing readers in a readable manner to the basics of SMART BUILDINGS. It is a very useful resource material for this generation of Architects and Builders. It is also a bold endeavor and a great feat. I have followed Onyema's monthly write-ups on Smart Buildings and I must confess that they have been very educative...

Edes Ikhuoria

Architect, Indus Builders and Developers.

This is an insightful ensemble of Solution-driven Practices in Smart Technologies for the building industry. It is a step in the right direction and a panacea for the stale practices present in our built environment.

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